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At Opal Lily, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful arrangements and bouquets that are tailored to you. Specialising in florals for any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers and hen parties, we love helping you create everlasting memories with our everlasting blooms! 

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Our wedding floral packages are tailored entirely to each couple, whether you prefer neutrals or a pop of colour, we strive to impress your guests with our everlasting displays. We offer a free consultation to discuss your vision to ensure you love every single detail!

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Reasons to Love Dried Flowers

Long Lasting

The most obvious reason to love your dried blooms is their long-lasting ability.

Your wedding flowers shouldn’t just have to last just one day, they should be cherished for many years to come – that’s why we love to work with dried flowers and pampas grass, as their long lifetime means they’re the most sustainable way to have real flowers at your wedding.

Great quality dried flowers can last for several years if cared for properly. It means that the stunning arrangements can stick around and continue to brighten your day. The availability of your favourite flowers is also guaranteed when choosing dried flowers, so you don’t need to wait for your favourite flowers to be in season as they are available throughout the entire year. Because of their availability and long-lasting quality, dried flowers make the perfect investment for your wedding and home décor or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Dried florals are a great choice for weddings, as you can keep your dried flower wedding bouquet for several years and relive the memories of your big day.

Low Maintenance

The beauty of dried flowers is that you can have them ready months before
your wedding, and they will be perfect throughout your wedding day without
wilting. Best of all, you can keep them or allow your guests to take them home as a reminder your special day.

Unlike fresh flowers, the dried alternatives are so easy to care for! They do not require watering or pruning and are perfect as they are, and require no effort to maintain their beauty. They're more than happy to be left to do their thing and brighten up your wedding venue or a dull corner in your home.

Sustainable Choice

You can do your bit for the environment when choosing dried florals over fresh ones. Did you know that fresh-cut stems need to travel in refrigerated containers, using around 25% more fuel! Dried florals create everlasting joy whilst producing less waste than fresh flowers. They last for years, making them much better value in the long run. Also, at Opal Lily, we do what we can to avoid the use of single-use plastics. We ensure as much of our packaging is recyclable.

Cost effective

Due to their longevity, dried flowers are great value for money. Although that may initially be more expensive than fresh flowers, dried flowers can last for years compared to fresh flowers which only last a week at best. Dried flowers continue to look beautiful day-in and day-out which makes the price worth it. This is great news, as you can keep your everlasting blooms for years to come.


Just like fresh flowers, dried flowers are available is many shapes, colours and sizes. So you can select your favourite flowers to match your home décor, or the colour scheme for your special event. You can very easily change, add and evolve your dried flower arrangement depending on your décor when you bring it home - simply add a few extra stems as and when you want to update your dried flower bouquet depending on the season. Unlike with fresh flowers, your dried wedding bouquet and dried flower arrangements can be prepared months in advance, so you can have your flowers sorted for your wedding without the stress of last-minute planning. With fresh flowers the décor has to be prepared on the same day because they will wither. However since our preserved and dried flowers have gone through a drying and preservation process, they will stay natural and will look beautiful throughout the whole event.

dried flower bridal bouquet with pampas grass and preserved roses