Opal Lily is a small business based in London, specialising in dried flower bouquets, pampas grass and boho style home decor, and offers gift-ready arrangements which can also be customised to suit your unique home.

Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried flower arrangements with a range of carefully selected pampas grasses and... 

Large Pampas

Large Pampas

Extra fluffy pampas to make a statement in any room 

A bit about me

Hey there, my name is Laura.  I'm the face behind the Opal Lily brand, based in London.

I set up Opal Lily back in 2021 when my love for dried florals and pampas grass started, but I really struggled to find beautiful dried flower bouquets that were affordable. So I decided to sell them myself! After getting many samples from a range of suppliers I selected the very best! I love experimenting with different colours and textures and ultimately putting together beautiful dried flower arrangements. The best bit is they last for years!

If you've wondering why "Opal Lily", as an October baby the opal is my birthstone and I really love the shimmering colours of the stone. Each opal reflects light differently and no two opals are exactly the same. I feel this perfectly represents what I am trying to achieve with this brand in bringing beautiful unique products to your homes. The 'lily' in the name Opal Lily simply represents my favourite flower. 

My mission is: Quality materials, beautiful bouquets and sustainable packaging, all at an affordable price. Each product is designed by me with the hope of adding a special touch to your home décor.

I hope you find something that you love on here. And I can't wait to bring more beautiful things to your homes as I grow my little business.

Happy shopping!

Lots of Love,


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